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International guests to the 2014 summer camp

Publisert torsdag 10. april 2014
On the 2014 summer camp, we will open for a small group of international participants. Apply here!

The camp will take place in Elverum Folkehøyskole in the municipality og Elverum, just north of Oslo Airport Gardermoen. The norwegian participants will enjoy an extensicve program, and our international participants will be able to participate on these activities. Some of the activities will take place in norwegian, but arrangements will be made to give proper translation. And of course, we will enjoy lots of great gluten free food!

There will be bading, hiking, rafting and football - among other things. And we will make sure you leave the camp knowing more about how to deal with the diagnosis, than you did before you came. 

Did we mention that we are goint to climb the second highest mountain in Norway?

The participation fee will be 120 Euros. That will cover accomodation, food and all activities. Travelling expenses will be paid by you. 

It is not allowed to counsume alcohol on the camp. 

Date: 21-25. juni

Sted: Elverum folkehøyskole (a boarding school in Elverum municipality)

Participation fee: 120 Euros. 


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